Guided by the goal of promoting the nature of children

three kids making art in the table

The Discovery of the Child’s True Nature

Back in 1907, Dr. Maria Montessori opened her first “Children’s House” for less fortunate children aged 2 to 6 in Italy. This school gave children specially designed hands-on learning materials which children could use to have the freedom to learn on their own. As they did this, she observed in an objective and scientific manner.

Over time, she was able to see an amazing transformation in the child’s performance. She was able to conclude that the following are basic qualities present in each child: eagerness to learn, profound ability of concentration, independence, self-confidence, social harmony, orderliness, self-discipline, obedience, and joy.

These qualities emerged as a result of the cultivation of a free environment where children were allowed to learn for themselves. Dr. Montessori did not force children to act a certain, nor did she use any reward or punishment to impose on children a certain behavior. It was then when she realized that the true nature of a child is different from what is told by conventional wisdom. When people found out about her discovery, people all over the world came to see these amazing children.

Who We Are

Our History: Our institution began it’s dedication to education that is in line with the child’s nature back in 2011. Since then, we have been applying the principles of Montessori as it was first created by Dr. Montessori. In the system of education we have been providing, we allow the children under our school to develop their own capacity and interest in learning. In this way, we create a positive learning environment wherein our students can learn to love learning.

Our Mission

Your child will have fun learning in a community of children, each following their own path of development. Your child will achieve a love of learning, ability to concentrate, self-discipline, orderliness, independence, social harmony, obedience, and joy that only comes from being in an environment that respects the child’s true nature as Dr. Montessori originally discovered it.

Our Philosophy: A CHILD’S CHOICE MONTESSORI SCHOOL exists to create an environment that supports the development of children’s true nature as Dr. Montessori originally discovered it.

Our Director: Wendy Lieberman is the director of A CHILD’S CHOICE MONTESSORI SCHOOL. She has been working in Montessori education since 1998 and has owned Montessori Schools for 10 years. She has extensive training in Montessori Teaching through International Montessori Society and Montessori Teacher Preparation of Washington. She has attended several Montessori conferences and workshops as well as observed many different Montessori schools in the Treasure Valley and the northwestern US.

If you wish to see the principles of Montessori in action, schedule a tour with us. We will discuss to you in detail how our institution operates. Who knows, we might be what your child needs.