Equipping children for higher secondary education

beautiful girls in classroom

Children in elementary are on a different plane of thinking and development compared to primary aged children. They are now in a stage where they are capable of grasping abstract thinking. As such, it is important to support their development of reasoning and planning.

Here at A CHILD’S CHOICE MONTESSORI SCHOOL, we provide the learning materials children need according to their current capabilities. That is why, in the elementary stages, we provide children specially designed learning materials that put emphasis on reading, writing, and math. To ensure that the principles of Montessori are still applied, children, even at this stage are allowed to decide on what they want to learn. One of the tools that are used at this stage is a daily log where children write a plan for the work they are interested in doing for the day.

Children will be given an avenue to express their creativity and curiosity! Through active play and interaction with other children of varying ages, they will be able to learn from other children and hone their social skills.

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