Fostering the love for learning in children

kid making project in the table

Although many parents only choose to enroll their children in school at the start of the formative years of education, this is not in line with the true nature of children. According to the discovery of Dr. Montessori, it is in the nature of children to constantly wonder and seek out new things to learn. Here at A CHILD’S CHOICE MONTESSORI SCHOOL, we provide programs to ensure that your children never halt their learning. We provide various activities wherein they can interact with other children who are also in their own paths to development.

In the primary program we offer, we take into account the nature of learning and learning capacity of children. During this stage, children have absorbent minds that are quick to adapt and learn from their environment. Learning at this age becomes easy and effortless for children. That is why it is important to utilize this stage so that children may quickly and easily learn the concepts they need to understand for the later life.

With the assistance and supervision of our teachers, the children are given the chance to learn for themselves based on their present-moment interest. They are given a brief, objective, and concrete lessons with hands-on self-teaching materials that are specially designed to promote the children’s natural inclination to learning.

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